Connecticut Septic Services

Septic tank abuse happens every day in your home. Fats and grease form a layer of dense scum on septic tank water while solids like food particles, dirt and grit settle at the tank’s bottom to form sludge.  Scum, sludge and other nasty stuff accumulates steadily in your septic tank, leading to systematic deterioration of your tank’s integrity. Ongoing damage to your septic tank means possible interruptions in accessing household water, expensive repairs or replacement of your old septic tank.

CT Septic Tank Inspections

If they neglect to schedule annual septic tank inspections, Connecticut property owners may find themselves dealing with leaks, cracks and full-blown flooding issues.  Since preventive medicine is always the best medicine, CT home and business owners are strongly urged to get preventive septic tank inspections that detect small problems before they explode into costlier, larger than life problems.

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Septic Tank Cleaning and Pumping in Connecticut

The accuracy of any septic tank inspection depends on the cleanliness of your septic tank. To make sure our Connecticut septic tank repair technicians don’t miss a thing, we will clean your septic tank from top to bottom before performing a thorough septic tank cleaning. Classic warning signs that your septic tank needs cleaning include frequently clogged or slow to drain toilets, tubs or sinks. If you have a garbage disposal, it may cough up sewage into your kitchen sink. Also, the air around your home may smell like raw sewage.

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Septic Tank Repairs and Maintenance in Connecticut

Our CT septic tank repair and maintenance technicians perform all major and minor septic tank services. Whether you need filters, baffles or distribution boxes replaced or your septic tank is suffering major issues such as malfunctioning leaching areas or large cracks, OZ Sanitation will efficiently and affordably address the problem and have your home or business functioning normally in no time.

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New Septic Tank Installation in CT

Severely deteriorated septic tanks may not be repairable. In this case, we suggest you replace your old septic tank with a new septic tank, which may be more economical than paying for expensive repairs. Our Connecticut septic installation and repair technicians can design a new septic tank based on your old system or develop a different type of septic tank that better accommodates your needs. OZ Sanitation generally completes septic tank installations within five days of starting the project. During the installation process, you will still be able to use your property’s plumbing for the majority of the time.

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Call OZ Sanitation for Expert Septic Services in Connecticut

Certified by the State of Connecticut as a licensed, sub-surface sewage/septic installer, OZ Sanitation gives you the kind of high-quality, affordable septic tank servicing in CT you won’t get from other CT septic tank repairers and installers.