How Much Does It Cost To Clean or Pump a Septic Tank in CT?

Do you have a septic tank? If you do, you are part of a growing trend. More and more new homes are constructed with a septic tank instead of having a line installed to the city’s system. The septic tank allows you to cut utility costs throughout the year as you don’t pay city sewage fees. However, to maintain your septic tank and avoid potential problems such as seepage into the property or back flows into the basement, you need to have it cleaned or pumped every one to three years (depending on the number of people living in your home). We know if you have never had your septic tank pumped before you probably have a few questions. We at OZ Sanitation are here to help and want to work with you, every step of the way.

Some Factors to Consider When Having Your Septic Tank Cleaned

In CT, as is the case anywhere else in the country, there are different factors at play when it comes to the cost of cleaning or pumping your septic tank. First off, if you know where your septic tank is located, it is not only helpful but money saving. Having the tank pumped takes less than an hour. However, if it takes another hour or two locating the septic tank, the price can increase.

The size of your tank does factor into the price of the cleaning or pumping. On occasion, larger tanks do require heavy machinery to dig it up and gain access to the pump. Larger tanks don’t need to be pumped as often, so there is a reverse side of it. When accessing the tank, regardless of size, some parts may need to be replaced, including the filter. Hopefully, this is not necessary. If it is, the new filter can add a few hundred dollars to the process.

Sept Tank Pumping Cost

This is something we can’t tell you specifically, down to the last detail, until we have some more information from you. However, the average cost for a pumping or cleaning sits right around $375. If you have a smaller tank, know where it is located and don’t require a new filter, the price can drop below $200. If you do need a filter, require some other repairs don’t know where the tank is and it is on the larger side, prices can creep up towards $900, although this is not typical.

Having your septic tank pumped or cleaned is essential as a home owner and you should never put it off. It is why we at OZ Sanitation are here for you, can answer any question you might have and step in for any kind of service you need. For any comments, concerns or questions, you can reach us at or toll free at (860) 333-7983.