Connecticut Septic Tank Inspections

Connecticut Septic Inspection

At OZ Sanitation, we provide septic tank inspections throughout Connecticut. As leaders in the septic industry, our dedicated team of experts are qualified to perform thorough septic inspections that ensure your septic tank remains in excellent repair and continually operates at peak efficiency.

Why Do You Need a Septic Tank Inspection?

Our septic tank inspections will identify the presence of crack, leaks, or deterioration in the tank, allowing you to repair the tank before small problems become disastrous. We will also monitor the liquid and sludge levels and add ecologically safe dyed liquid to the tank as needed.

The cost to repair damaged septic tanks can range depending on the level of deterioration. By inviting our team of septic tank inspection experts to inspect the condition of your septic tank, we can identify current issues and inform you of potential concerns in the future.

How Often Should You Receive a Septic Tank Inspection?

Septic tanks need to be inspected annually to maintain the working condition of all toilet bowls, sinks, and tubs. Additionally, when selling your home, it’s imperative to have the septic tank inspected. By failing to inspect the tank prior to selling a home, you may be liable for damages incurred to the new homeowners. When buying a new home, it’s essential to make sure a complete septic tank inspection has been conducted, as a damaged septic tank will considerably devalue the total cost of the house. Our Connecticut-based septic inspection team possesses the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure the septic tank is in optimal working condition, so you can take peace in knowing your household water supply will continue to function seamlessly.

What’s Included in the Inspection?

For septic tank inspections in CT, our crew of sanitation experts will provide a thorough examination of your tank including:

  • Assessing the age, location, and other relevant information of the tank.
  • Locating and accessing underground tanks.
  • Providing a thorough inspection that includes identifying cracks, leaks, missing or disassembled parts, tank deterioration, and the overall condition of the tank.
  • Assessing liquid and sludge levels, while adding additional liquid as needed.
  • Identifying and diagnosing any undesirable odors or excessive moisture.
  • Providing a meticulous report that contains a breakdown your septic tank’s condition.

To ensure our Connecticut-based team can perform a thorough and accurate septic inspection, it’s important to have the tank cleaned beforehand – which we also offer. This allows our septic tank inspectors to more accurately monitor the condition and functionality of the tank. To keep your septic system in immaculate repair and ensure a scrupulous inspection that leaves no stone unturned, contact our team of CT sanitation professionals today.