Septic Tank System Do’s & Don’ts

Most homeowners take an “out of sight, out of mind” approach to their septic tank systems but there is no greater household nuisance than a septic backup.  When this critical wastewater disposal system refuses to function, the resulting backups are unsightly, malodorous, unhealthy and costly to deal with.

At OZ Sanitation, we have installed more than 50 new septic systems, and provided septic tank services to the southeastern Connecticut homeowners for more than 15 years. We offer our clients and all septic system owners the following tips for keeping this vital component of your household infrastructure running at top efficiency.

Five Things You can Do to Avoid Septic System Backups

  1.  Schedule a routine pump-out every two to three years. Your family and your neighbors will thank you for being proactive and avoiding a backup.
  2.  Fix plumbing leaks quickly to avoid overloading the septic tank when faucets drip or toilets keep running.
  3. For household cleaning, eliminate  or minimize the use of chlorine bleach and go green with vinegar. Chemical kitchen or bathroom cleaners disturb the bacterial climate in your septic system, inhibiting its ability to deal with organic waste.
  4. Get rid of your in-sink garbage disposal. Too much ground-up kitchen waste overloads your septic system. At the very least, wipe your plates, pots and pans into the garbage before rinsing them in the sink.
  5. If you do a lot of laundry, consider routing your washing machine waste to a separate tank, instead of allowing it to discharge into your septic system. You may also consider upgrading to a new, high efficiency washer that uses less water and less detergent.

The Five Things you Should Stop Doing Today

  1. Do not send any non-biodegradable material down the drain. No more coffee grounds, cigarettes, hair, rags, condoms, bandages or anything made out of latex, metal or plastic.
  2. Stop using septic tank additives. They are not necessary and they may cause scum or sludge to form in your system, hastening the need for a pump-out.
  3. Eliminate antibacterial soaps. Plain soap and thorough handwashing works just as well. Antibacterial soap disturbs the bacterial environment in your septic system.
  4. Don’t rinse off muddy clothes or shoes in a sink. Brush dirt and mud off outside and use outdoor hoses for cleaning items that are caked in mud, sand or clay.
  5. Stop believing labels that say a product is flushable. Baby wipes, personal wipes, facial wipes, diapers and tampons are not good for your septic system.

Be kind to your septic system by following these rules. If your septic system is developing a problem, call Oz today at (860) 333-7983 and we will soon have your system running smoothly again.